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Welcome to the world of kinder.

Friday, January 25th, 2013


So the wild child is off to kinder. Although when you are three they don’t really call it kinder, but it’s much easier than saying 3 year old activity group all the time.

He starts next week and he’s very excited. Now he has done lots of activities in the past, even a few without me. But for some reason this one feels a bit different and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is because kinder is the first educational experience he has been involved in. The first one where it is accepted, expected and possibly even helpful, for him to be compared with the other children.

It is the first one that really matters if he doesn’t fit in.

I’m not too sad about the fact he is growing up and starting kinder. I know for many parents this must be a little bit challenging. Although I dare say, the majority of us are very happy to have Friday mornings organized with an activity for the rest of the year.

It is more about how my wild, cheeky, busy little boy will respond to this new environment. There are expectations and rules and standards to be met. There are times and places for different behavior. There are many other children who will be far better behaved than him and I’m not sure how this will affect him. Or me.

You see the orientation meeting didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Look, he wasn’t the child that spewed during the play session, but he certainly made his mark. As we arrived, I sat down to chat to a couple of other Mums that I sort of know. They both have sons; their sons are buddies. So the wild child ran off to where they were playing, keen to be part of it and make some new friends. However, within minutes he had run into one of the boys and bumped him over. I think this was his weird, little boy way of trying to be part of the group. How I wish he could have just said hi! These Mums were really cool about it, as perhaps most Mums of sons are.

Anyway, we played, I chatted, he ran, and climbed and ran some more. The one positive was, he loved the place. The other positive was another little boy ran with him and he was much littler. This time the wild child ran beside and not into him. Thank God. And everyone commented on how much energy he has. Not in a particularly positive way I might add.

So I just don’t know how he will go this year. I don’t know whether he will make friends using his words, or by playing games, or laughing at their antics or copying the clever things they do. I don’t know whether he will get into trouble for not listening, or sharing, or staying still, or fighting. I don’t know if he will find other children who don’t like him and who wont let him play. I don’t know if he will drive the teachers mad. I don’t know if he will cry when I say goodbye.

But I suppose that is part of the adventure of being a parent, and being a kid.

I do know that he will grow and learn and change. I do know that he will make clever things. I do know that he will learn to follow the rules, even if it is because he finds out what the consequences are when he doesn’t. I do know that he will surprise me.

So even though I am scared that he won’t fit in, or that he will be really naughty and the teachers wont like him very much. Or that I will have some awkward conversations with these teachers about some choice words he has used, or other words he hasn’t used to sort out disputes with other children. The thing that worries me the most is that he won’t have fun there.  I worry that he won’t make friends, laugh, play and come home filled with even more energy and stories of some real friends! I worry that kinder wont be somewhere that he feels like he belongs.

And perhaps what scares me the most, is that if that is case, this time I can’t fix it.

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