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What the night market taught me.

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Where I live we have an awesome night market once a week in January. It is absolutely packed with people, especially when it is warm. And this Jan as been warm every Thursday night. I love the idea of going, as a family, to sit on a rug, and watch the bands, and eat food, and maybe even have a drink or two. And then I go, with my family, and the gloss of this lovely family experience quickly fades.

One kid gets lost, then cracks it because he can’t have the disgusting circles of fried potato on a stick because the line reaches the next suburb. The bub wriggles and squirms in our arms because there is absolutely no way we can wheel any kind of pram through the throngs of people. We have one drink, can’t possibly eat something balanced in one hand while doing the toddler hustle with the other, or hanging on the octopus. We don’t even notice there is music and the very slow walk/drag back to the car is punctuated with more whinging, mostly from me.

So I decide instead to go on my own.

And this is what I learnt;

  • going for a walk, at night, with a beer in your hand, on your own, makes you feel like you are in your 20’s again.
  • being on your own at a crazy busy market is awesome. You can actually do whatever you want, when you want to! Including going to the toilet, remarkable.
  • Cider tastes way better if you don’t have to skull it.
  • It’s still fun when one of your mates doesn’t show.
  • It’s still fun when you find the other mate you were meeting and his annoying wife is there too.
  • You realise that while you are sitting on the couch watching rubbish on the telly, the rest of the world is still functioning, and they are having a lot of fun.
  • You can walk away from people who are boring and they don’t even notice.
  • Lots of people take their kids to these night time activities and love it. Their kids may, or may not love it, but so many parents just didn’t care. Kids were asleep on the ground, in prams, on their parents, or still climbing trees and running around with their mates.
  • I don’t really need to drink that much anymore because the giggles start after two ciders these days
  • Some people are much wealthier than me, or nicer than me, or more interesting than me, and some aren’t. And all this difference makes the world a fun place to be.
  • As your kids get older, they start looking after you, instead of you always having to look after them.
  • No matter what goes on in people’s lives, some people never change, and that is pretty awesome.
  • I’m quite happy to spend some time on my own.
  • Jill Meagher’s death has had a lasting impact on how safe I feel, even in my quiet little neighbourhood. I walked home alone, as I have done so many times here, but in some parts I ran because I was so scared and it wasn’t even completely dark yet.
  • Sometimes you need to make plans and stick to them, no matter what else is happening, because you don’t actually know how much fun you are missing out on until you actually get to have some.
  • I love where I live, still.
  • I am lucky to life as blessed as it is and that made me smile, with some help from the cider.



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