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What if all the Mums were Dads?

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

How different would the world we live in look, if all the Mums staying at home bringing up their kids, were Dads doing the same?

I watch my husband on weekends when he gets to hang out with the boys and I realise how much better he is at this parenting business than me. He is patient for one. Now, thankfully, he also loses it on the fifteenth request for the three year old to get his shoes on, or dodging the fourth piece of toast that gets flung from the hand of the one year old. But I probably would have started the count down on the third request and given up on the toast all together.

He loves being outside. Just like the wild child and the crazy baby, he happily spends hours outside, all day even. He builds and fixes and makes and mends. I water the plants and bring the washing in and play with the boys, but if I had my choice, I would much rather lie on the trampoline reading a book.

So I wonder, what would our kids be like if most of the primary carers were Dad’s? Now I know these ideas don’t fit every dad, but they do apply to some.

Would kids happily live on meat and fruit? Potentially not even being able to recognise a zucchini or capsicum?

Would they roll around and wrestle and sort it out themselves, without the high pitch female voice telling them to stop?

Would they wear really badly matching clothes? Who would care if they did? Or like in my house in summer, would just shorts suffice?

Would they happily watch any kind of sport on the telly, just as long as it had men competing?

Would hair ever get washed with anything stronger than water?

Would parks be filled with men hanging out with their kids, chasing and running and throwing balls and riding skateboards? This is a picture I love. I just wonder how many extra kids might have a plaster cast on an arm or leg.

Would kids learn to put dishes in the dishwasher and clothes in the basket? Or would this all happen on one afternoon a week when the mess gets too much? How much more fun could you have if you only had to clean up once a week!

Would prams become obsolete as men just carry their kids around, on shoulders, backs, upside down, with one hand?

It is a world I love the look of. Happy, busy, outside kids. Few hanging out in cafes or shops, instead going to the hardware store or taking the take away coffee to the look out to climb and jump and play in the dirt. Kids might learn to fish or ride bikes earlier or throw balls higher.

But then maybe this is all so appealing to me because I have boys and I know that boys need awesome men around them to grow into awesome men themselves. Maybe I just wish for a world where there is more part time of everything for everyone. I don’t know but I’d like to see how it goes for a while.



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