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Magazine Christmas’s are overrated – well at least I think they are …

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

The festive season. Joy, good tidings, magic and all the rest of the money sucking, relative spending time that the ‘holidays’ is all about. We are almost at the end of it for another year, and I will sheepishly admit that I am glad.

There are a few things about Christmas that I love. The snow, the beautiful coats, egg nog and warm fires, the smell of pine trees – oh hang on – that’s not actually the christmas I experience in real life, just the one on the telly and in those gorgeous christmas movies. ¬†(And quietly in my own imagination)

So sorry, there are a few things I like about Christmas. The songs, not the mind numbing high pitched ones, but the Bing Crosby crooners; the anticipation for the little ones; the use of Santa as a bribe for a good four weeks to get some kind of obedience from my children; the food. And the gathering. Some of the gathering.

As a kid my favourite part of Christmas was hanging out with our best family friends on Christmas Eve, watching a Christmas movie and desperately believing that those twinkly lights in the sky were Rudolph and his posse. The anticipation is clearly the best part, the day never quite delivers.

And so in good, trying to create the best parts of my childhood and hopefully leave out the crappier parts style of parenting I adopt, we have some mates over Christmas Eve. Great fun, except for the part when the Wild Child is far too overexcited about the upcoming slush of presents and spoiling and acts like a complete pain in the arse for the whole time. Still we completely got the kids with a fleeting vision of a Santa hat and a special parcel from him. Christmas morning is a little woozy with a few bed swaps in the night, and I’m sure one day I will regret not having a photo of a puffy face and mismatching pyjamas, but at that stage I was just concentrating on keeping my eyes open and remembering Santa had also been to Bali last week to get a few gifts!

So after some quality time on the West Gate Freeway together, we make it to Christmas lunch. And normally this is where ‘magazine christmas’ really kicks into gear. You know all in matching crisp, red and white, with ribbons and clean faces, with beautifully wrapped gifts. (!!) But this year it kind of was like this. My niece looked gorgeous in a pretty pink dress, the newborn nephew was all wrapped up and baby smelling bliss, and my crazy boys were actually okay. Nana didn’t get too smashed till later, and then she just had a quiet nap instead of offending someone with her unwanted advice. No-one smashed a window, swore at anyone across the dinner table or drank someones present. The food poisoning didn’t kick in till the next morning and no-one put the old scots music on to make us sad about Pa. The slipnslide got a workout and even though The Stink got stung by a bee, he only cried for a few minutes. No one broke a leg, the pissed idiot useless uncles were thankfully interstate as usual, and rang early enough in the day that the obscenities were kindhearted. (And yes every single one of these things has happened in past years, sometimes a few in the one day!)¬†Even the dog only stole one plate of food and it was The Stink’s anyway so he was stoked he could just eat sweets for the whole day!

I got to squeeze my beautiful, shiny, bubbling boys and husband and really that’s all anyone should hope for, so for me I got everything I wanted.

For this year at least, no one ‘ruined Christmas’. It was lovely, but it wasn’t the same. In fact for a few hours we gave those David Jones catalogues a run for their money.

Never mind. Something to look forward to for next year, I think it’s our turn to host…



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