What cleaning up spew and poo for a week has taught me.

  • You need more than superglue to hold it all together.
  • Even warm alcohol is alcohol and you can drink it.
  • Cleaning up spew is way better than cleaning up poo.
  • One kid spewing 20 times in one day, followed by the other spewing for the next five days is still better than both spewing together.
  • The home doctor service is of little use to me if they decide to HAVE A DAY OFF WHEN I REALLY NEED THEM!
  • A spewing three year old is way easier than a spewing 16 month old.
  • I have a particular skill for knowing when they are going to vomit and catching it in a bucket. Yep I know, something to be proud of.
  • Children’s DVD’s are the greatest invention the world has ever seen. And maybe the electricity that powers them.
  • There are only so many times a kid can spew on a rug before you throw it out.
  • Daycare is really, really expensive when you still have to pay for it when you are not using it, and even more expensive when your job doesn’t have sick pay.
  • It is really hard to watch your little boys, especially your bub sick for so many days and not be able to do anything to help them.
  • When my children are well, they are lots of fun and they make me laugh so much. I missed that this week.
  • Apparently Urinary Tract Infections and Ear Infections can also cause kids to spew.
  • It is absolutely fine to have corn chips and Jim Beam and coke for dinner if your kids are finally asleep and your husband is still at work.
  • That three children might be too much for me to handle. Chances are they all get sick together and I only have two hands for two buckets.
  • You can actually stay home all day even when they wake at 5am, but it sucks.
  • I love my boys with everything that I have, but I am not a very patient mother after a week of two sick kids.
  • Once their laughter and jokes and cheekiness comes back, you realise all over again just how awful it is for everyone when they are not well.
  • I thank my lucky stars that my children only get sick every now and then and this is not something that we live with. I know for some people their kids are sick permanently in lots of different ways and I think the parents and the siblings who live with this are remarkable.

Hope all is well with you xx




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