What going back to work is really like.

It’s lovely is what it is.

I worked a fair bit last year when my bub was still really little, but it was all from home. And don’t get me wrong, working from home has many perks when you have small children, but actually leaving the house dressed in nice clothes to go somewhere where you once really belonged is lovely.

Once we all got over the trauma of those first few days at daycare I could actually enjoy being back at work. It helps enormously that whenever I pick up the little munchkin I spy on him first and he is always happy. Sometimes he is outside cruising around the yard, other times he is happily stuck in a box, and sometimes he is still asleep! So knowing that my beautiful boys are being loved and cared for somewhere else, and that they are very happy there makes me live in the moment when I am at work, instead of feeling bad about being there.

Sure, it means life is busier, not really wealthier, but with a bit more purpose to our week. It means that I have to be organised, and I quite like that. It means we have a bit more structure in our week with only three days at home to fit in all of our catch ups and activities. It means I really love those three days for the moments they present. We try and do really fun things together. I play with the boys more, even though there are a lot more jobs to do in the house, because I know I don’t have as much time with them as I did before. It means I have something to think about and talk about that is more than how little sleep I am getting. It means I feel a bit more like me.

I love the balance. I love the reward of going back and working with fantastic teenage boys who are all energy and laughs. I love talking to some adults about the world of teaching I felt like I had left behind for a while. I love being offered more work than I want because it reminds me that I am still useful. I love walking into daycare and seeing my boys faces light up when they see me too. And I love going home and sharing stories about our time apart. And on those nights I have been at work, I happily climb into bed with my wild child and tell him a story.

I realise absolutely how lucky I am to be able to have both worlds, to be able to balance and combine what I’m good at and what I love and even make a bit of pocket money on the side. I know it is a privileged choice and one I don’t make lightly. But I also know that this is how it is this year. It may not work like this next year, or in the years my boys head off to school. But at the moment it feels right for me and for my family and that is all that should really matter.




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