Changing Times…

What happens when suddenly the world tilts a little on its axis, and everything looks so different? What happens when those around you are unhappy, hurting, confused? How do you help? What can you do? How do you reach out and help, let them know their pain is shared, their confusion overwhelming, let them know they are not alone?

If it’s something that will improve, or that you have the power to change then you stand by and find the patience to listen and advise and try and help them to resolve. You hope for change, for clarity, for action. You encourage them to take the steps that only they can to move on and out of the murkiness swallowing them up. If you have been there too, then you share a little and support a lot. And if you haven’t, then you do your best to empathise, or at least help clear their vision a little and gently push them forward.

And if it’s permanent, what then? Well then you hold on tight and whatever you do you don’t let go.


You be.

You listen.

You cry.

You laugh.

You support.

You hold them up.

You find joy in the little things.

You find beauty in the big things.

You remind them how much you love them.

You make sure they are not alone.

You reach out.

You check in.

You don’t ask too much.

You love.


Because sometimes its all you can do.




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