A couple of golden oldies

My daily trip to the local beach was a little different yesterday. Actually the whole beach experience was the norm, it was the trip back to the car that was different. As everyone knows the worst part of going to the beach is going home from the beach. Trying to carry kids and all of the stuff that you need to take for even fifteen minutes that is now wet and sandy, all the way back to the car.

I was wandering back to the car, my arm slowly going numb from the bag, the bub grizzling in my arms and the wild child dragging his surfboard behind him. We were about to cross the path when this gorgeous couple walked past. We waited for them and exchanged smiles. They were hand in hand, taking their time, just wandering down the path laughing and talking to each other and greeting the small children they passed. They were enjoying the sunshine, not bothered by the crowds or the bikes whizzing past them on the path. They were just happy in the moment and in each others company.

It’s not that rare to see a deliriously happy couple walking to the lookout on the summer holidays. We live in a holiday town, lots of people are plastered with holiday happy faces. But this couple weren’t tourists. They were locals. They had to be, because if you were their age, you could holiday any time of the year and not have to battle the summer crowds.

This couple were old. Grey hair, walking at snail’s pace, comfortable shoes, cardis on on a warm summers day old. I reckon they were both in their 80’s at least. They were just so happy with each other’s company. Safe, secure and with genuine smiles to prove it. They made me smile, hopeful that one day I too will still enjoy my little coastal town in the summer and happily walk down the path with my husband, smiling at all the cute little kids carrying their surfboards back to the car. They would have had a fabulous story to tell I’m sure, filled with love and laughter and happiness, but also with life and that means sadness and regret.

But yesterday they making a new memory, and basking in some old ones I’m sure. A couple of golden oldies.





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