Sleep. Need I say more?

The wild child is a bad sleeper. Always has been. He is a freak for being able to function on so little sleep. Yes I know you shouldn’t compare kids, but in this regard I can’t help it. Some mornings I look at the clock and we have been up for over two hours when I know some other kids are still fast asleep in their beds.

We had a 5am start again today. It was dark. It was cold. It was quiet. What on earth makes the little monkey want to get up out of his cosy bed at 5am in the morning? Now for the last couple of weeks we have had blissful sleep ins in our house. No noise before 6.30am, remarkable I know. The little chubba bubba finally worked out it was not necessary to wake the whole house at 5am. It took him a good couple of months to get this sorted out, but it seems to be going okay.

5am starts are painful. Now for those people who go to work at this crazy hour, or arrive home from work at this even crazier hour you know what I mean. But you also wake up, get up and go and do what you need to. And on the weekends or days off, I’m pretty sure you don’t wake up at 5am. With kids, it is every single freaking day until they break the habit. For some friends, the habit is now the norm and has been for months. My wild child did it all winter when he turned two. It is what put us onto to DVD’s because even the kids channel isn’t awake then! I used to crawl out of bed, get him up, plonk him in front of the telly and pretend to be asleep in my bed until the cockies started squawking, yep he was even awake before bird fart! Thank goodness for Finding Nemo.

The baby has just stopped it. Thank God. The only way I could cope with the fourteen hour day stretching ahead of me with no downtime, no lunch break or rest or even five minutes in the loo by myself was to go to bed at 8pm. Still daylight, often still stinking hot and fifteen minutes after cleaning up after the kids were in bed to myself, I had to go to bed. There is no time to write or read or talk to adults. There are no dinners out with friends, the movies are absolutely impossible and even a walk on the beach at dusk is out of the question. I don’t think I had a conversation with my husband without a child present for nearly two months. Needless to say I don’t like the early starts very much.

And to add to the pain, we had weeks of getting up all night as well. Nightmares. Gastro. Croup. You name it. One night I had walked down the stairs to the kids room eight times, and it wasn’t even midnight.

So I was absolutely delighted when we had a week of creaking one eye open to peer at the clock and read 6 something. Yippee! It was wonderful, I don’t mind getting up then, hell I’ve had a huge sleep in! And yesterday the wild child slept till 7.30. I had to check he was still breathing, no joke. So if the 5am start is a one off, fine. I was cranky, more so when he woke his little brother up and then my husband dashed out the door before 7, but I can do it. Just don’t tell me that this horrible habit is back. I actually read a book last week, and rang a friend, and had a glass of wine on the deck, and I even saw the sun set. The movies are still a bit ambitious as the threat of the 5am start always lurks there in the background.

Don’t get me wrong, the sunrise is beautiful too, I just don’t need to see it every single morning.





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