When good kids go bad…

My son embarrassed me today.

Not a first for me, nor for many others , but it’s one of those things that doesn’t get any easier no matter how many times they do it.A bit like farting in public really. Other people are laughing because it’s not them, but you are definitely not.

Today we didn’t even leave the house, friends came to us. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I socialise at all. He is usually better at other people’s houses purely because of the distraction of new stuff and the threat of going home. Normally he is not too bad at home, especially when one of the boys coming over is a really good buddy of his. But today he churned out all the greatest hits!

He fought over toys, pushed, yelled, chucked himself on the floor, played away from the others. And all the while the bubba was crying and unable to settle. Could be the latest lot of vaccinations, the medication from a stunning bout of mastitis I am recovering from or just picking up on the vibe of his feral big brother. I’m sure my friend was thinking, wow this was really worth coming out in the rain for! When she left I actually realised I had probably made her day. At least she could walk out thinking, well my kids can drive me mad, but at least they are nothing like that! At least she could walk out.

Some days you wonder if the activities are more for you than for them. He loves these kids but obviously, after a very restless night last night, he was too tired to be able to put any limits on his behaviour. I can’t blame him really. Sometimes I would love to yell really loud in someones face when they piss me off, or snatch the thing off them I want, or push in the line, or hell, even lay on the floor and clench my fists. I’ve been hanging out with humans for a while now and I regularly find it tough to control myself. Why should I expect him to, when he is three?

Because I don’t like being embarrassed, or failing, or not having some semblance of control of my offspring.

Later in the day he proved to me just how little control I have, but how much influence. He woke up in the car driving out to check the surf and the first thing he said was that he will go surfing there soon, with his little buddy he had been hanging out with this morning. And then later tells me off for yelling because he would like me to use my ‘nice voice’. It seems some of the message may have got through, I just need to make sure I’m using my nice voice when I am trying to teach him.




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